Hope Parish Church - St. James - Inspiring Community Cohesion for the People of HOPE (Salford)

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We at Hope Parish Church, believe that the church exists in the community to provide a focus and central point. As in the past, the church is not a building for an exclusive minority who have grown up in a christian home and always gone to church. We believe that the church is in the community to serve the population in ways that they understand--at their level. We find truth in the line 'don't be so heavenly minded the you are of no earthly good.' 
We are therefore developing a program that will, when working well, be welcoming and inclusive of whoever will join in.

We hope that you will join in our activities as we learn to live together as community and support each other and enjoy shared values in our parish. We hope you will get to feel a sense of pride and ownership as part of HOPE parish. 
There's much more to come!
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